First “Real” Post

Hi there. I’ve decided to launch this writing blog/website to link to my published writing and give more information about my unpublished projects. Years ago, I used to do a blog called Strange Violin Music, and I liked that title and its rationale, so I’ve decided to revive it here. I’ve also imported a few of my old (old) posts from that blog, just so I won’t be starting out all naked and post-less. In the past when I used to blog I found that blogging, while fun, took up a lot of time and creative energy. Since I’m now putting most of my energy into more formal types of writing projects, I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, but I’ll try to give an update at least once a month. Just thought I’d announce that in advance so no one gets all excited about reading this blog and then has their hopes dashed.

This obviously isn’t an anonymous blog, since my name is in the URL and the whole point is to link to my writing, but I do want to make a token effort at protecting my family’s privacy, so in case I blog about them, for the purposes of the blog my husband  ex shall be known as “Jean-Marc,” and my two-year old daughter as “Amandine.” Those are not their real names. Anyway, thanks for reading!

Update: I think I’m going to try for one post per week. Any more than that, and I’ll get too distracted from “real” writing. Any less, and my brain will get all clogged up with unused ideas for blog posts.

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