Pre-Orders Are Live!

I’m happy to announce that pre-orders for The Prisoner of the Castle of Enlightenment have gone live! The book is a historical fantasy novel forthcoming from publisher D.X. Varos on February 4, 2020. Where to order:

Advance Praise:

“At the center of Therese Doucet’s enchanting debut novel is a library
teeming with rare and unusual volumes. The Prisoner of the Castle of
feels like a book pulled from its shelves, a heady mix of
historical fiction, fairy tale, philosophy, demonology, and romance.
Call it baroquepunk — a fantasy of the French Enlightenment with a
libertine edge and a goth heartbeat.” – Jeff Jackson, author of Destroy All Monsters and Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist

The Prisoner of the Castle of Enlightenment took me on a journey, to
France, to centuries ago, to the exotic and erotic castle where ideas
and philosophy are debated and fought over, and the desire to learn
more, to be more, to love more deepens, especially as night descends.
Unforgettable. A fabulist, fabulous tale from a new novelist to watch.” – Caroline Bock, author of Carry Her Home, Before My Eyes, and Lie

Book description:

A lover in and of the darkness …

Violaine, a devotee of books and learning, is sold by her father to a mysterious
nobleman to become his companion. Fearing herself at the mercy of a
monster, she instead succumbs to the seductive spell of her magical new
home, and the love of a man she has never seen, who comes to her only in
the darkness of night.

The Château de Boisaulne is a place of many mysteries, but also a refuge for children of the Enlightenment in a time when Europe still languishes under the repressive chains of monarchy and superstition. But modern thought meets ancient lore, as the castle borders the forest lair of the roi des aulnes, an ogre said to be the ancestor of Violaine’s unseen lover … Or are they one and the same?

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